Technology for the Board Portal streamlines governance processes and cuts down time for directors. It helps directors prepare for meetings and administrators prepare and distribute board packs, keep records and record minutes. Board members can also access materials, messages and policies for the organization in one location.

During meetings, the board portal allows instant access to current versions of documents. This means that there is no need for email attachments or shared folders and decreases the risk of sensitive information falling into the inappropriate hands. Furthermore the modern board portal is easy for members to use, regardless of their level of technical proficiency. This reduces the burden on administrative assistants to support the board, and allows board members to concentrate on more important decisions.

The board portal lets members vote on their behalf online before meetings, so they can make decisions from wherever they are. This is especially beneficial for associations, where members are scattered around the world and can’t attend face-to-face meetings. Utilizing a board portal for association boards can help organizations reduce travel costs and increase their productivity and participation.

It is crucial to keep in mind that not all solutions for board portals are the same. Select a solution that offers all the features, security, and pricing you need. Be sure to inquire about the training and support services provided to your board. Some providers provide one-on an one training as well as an expert team of board members who will ensure that your board members are comfortable with the software, irrespective of their technical background.

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