Board software support aids the governance team in managing board meetings. It permits central storage of all Board documents, and assists with the preparation of meetings in advance, including Board pack review and post-meeting approval. It can also be used to record minutes of meetings along with eSignatures and online vote tools to improve collaboration and improve efficiency of the organisation.

It is designed to increase productivity and increase efficiency, while supporting not-for profit (NFP), boards as they work to accomplish their goals. It also assists private Boards make important decisions by increasing the security of their organisation with features like access and version control as well as automatic record-keeping and cyber protection.

The top board portals feature simple interfaces and a custom newsfeed and let members access the materials for meetings, as well as polls and scheduled tasks in real-time. This allows board members to arrive at meetings fully prepared and focused on making important decisions that move the company forward.

It is also essential to select the solution that is easy for IT teams to implement, with no need for expensive hardware or training. Modern technology is designed with the IT department in mind and offer automatic updates that require no installation or downtime. This lets IT teams focus on other tasks of top priority without having to worry that they will have to manage an upgrade in technology. A solid support team is also important, with live chat and a comprehensive knowledge base that includes lots of helpful explanation guides.

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