To be able to enter M&A, you need an academically solid foundation. This is why the majority of the most sought-after M&A positions require an MBA. It is also helpful to network with professors, alumni and others who can help open doors at top companies. Networking is vital in securing these roles.

M&A analysts are employed to create financial models that evaluate the value of two companies following an acquisition. This involves careful analysis of synergies costs of capital, proforma impact to EdgeCo and IRR. It’s a critical role and top companies must find people who are able to thrive in the company culture. They seek candidates who are able to communicate effectively and the capacity to work in a team.

Teamwork and coordination are the key for a successful merger and acquisition. If the acquiring and target companies are remote, the processes become more difficult to manage. With a digital workspace that encourages collaboration, teams can remain on track with regards to integration planning and communication.

Making sure that the deal is a fit for culture is among the most challenging aspects of M&A. People often believe that a cultural fit will happen naturally after the deal is completed, but this is a false assumption. The attempt to merge AOL Time Warner failed due to cultural differences. AOL’s traditional corporate cultures did not match with Time Warner’s arrogant aggressive and cocky approach.

To prevent this kind of disconnect, managers need to ensure that all employees are aware of what’s taking place. This can be accomplished through a consistent flow of information to keep employees informed, deter rumors and assure employees about their future at the new company.

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